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One of the things I've always loved about LA is the illegal pyrotechnic displays that happen every year. I remember driving through a series of neighborhoods back in '09 or so July 4th with red sparks just erupting all around us over the rooftops, another in '12 where we came back home from a pool part, pulled a couch across form our apartment window, and watched yellow, purple and green blasts two houses over fill up the sky for an hour (while cuddling our shell-shocked terrier.)

But apparently this year was something else. My husband & are were in for the night, quarantining like you do and not leaving the house for a fireworks drive because we got a little tot now, when we smelled the fireworks from inside the house. We went out to the backyard to find a haze of smoke and a mauve sky. So we must have missed a dewsy of a display. But apparently some of our neighbors really did not enjoy this year's illicit illuminations.

LOL at "befouling." But yeah one year when I become a billionaire I'm going to rent out all of Pioneertown and anyone with a skittish dog in the LA county area will be invited to come hang out from July 3rd-July 6th.

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