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Kay is the hero of the Merciless King of Moore High. We meet her when she's in the middle of being murdered, luckily she survives. Assassinated, really, because she found out the truth about the missing President of Jefferson, so she is dragged out of the dark, barricaded and besieged Jefferson High in the middle of the night. A death sentence to a girl who has been hiding from the giant corpse-monsters for a year.

Luckily, Kay is at the start of her story. The love of her life, the best friends she'll ever know, the highest highs and lowest lows are all waiting on the other side of this betrayal.

Across town, in the brutal and beautiful world of Moore High.

The King of Moore High allows her the chance to join his school, if she agrees to three things: 1) she must obey and bow to him as her liege lord

2) the things the adults turned into aren't corpse-monsters, they're dragons

3) her new job is to slay them