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We are fortunate to live in a time with a lot of great books. Traditionally published, indie published, audio, kindle, classics, google book scans of first editions, endless reams of fanfiction tailored to shows, actors, genres-- you can read virtually anything you can think of.

It makes it incredibly hard to push a new book out there. It feels like selling shells on the sea shore tbqhfam.

So this time around I tried to think of a new approach. Something that would appeal to the people my book, THE MERCILESS KING OF MOORE HIGH is for: horror-forward machiavellians.

To that end, MERCY: The Merciless King of Moore High Apocalypse Simulator will be dropping soon. Hopefully ahead of the book's release, possibly around the same time or slightly after, depending on play-testing. Basically it puts you in the premise of the book-- you're having a normal school day when all the adults insantly morph into homicidal monsters-- and then based on your decisions, jumps forward to a year later & you have to deal with the world of Jefferson or Moore. At the end, you get a personality assessment with artwork based off Rider-Waite tarot, which has been a big influence on the game (and book.)

If you want to play the game: people who get my newsletter will get the game first, so sign up there. The game is free, and will be promoted on all my socials, but my newsletter fam gets first dibs on everything.

I did all the artwork, the characters in the game are the characters in Merciless King. Here are a few favorites!

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