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“Teen Killers Club is a wild ride from start to finish with fresh and fascinating developments at every turn. It gripped me right away and didn’t let me go until I reached the last page.”

-J.R. Johansson

“Lily Sparks creates a fascinating, twisted story with Teen Killers Club. I found myself rooting for the likable Signal Deere—who may or may not be a teen murderess—and turning pages like crazy. Sparks’ fresh perspective and cast of felonious (but fun) characters makes this a thriller worthy of sinking your teeth into!”

-Hannah Jayne, author of Copycat

"Teen Killers Club is a dark, wild ride. Just when you think this thriller can't get any crazier or more suspenseful, Sparks turns the screws even tighter, leading to a surprising climax that will keep you turning the pages. My advice: Start reading and hang on tight!"

-Jeffry W. Johnston, author of The Truth



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