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I don't believe in astrology but I regularly check my horoscopes. I just wish someone, somewhere could tell me when to duck, I guess.  

But like so many institutions, astrology truly shat the bed this year when the astrology site that I check in *purely for entertainment purposes* once every three months had the audacity to tell me to pack my bags for a whirlwind romantic vacation in March! Unless Panic is my man and "whirlwind vacation" is how the kids refer to "existentially spinning out into a panicked depression as I spray Clorox on bags of Tostitos" then sorry, nothing like that was, did, or could have happened.

...And yet yesterday I checked my June horoscope:

You know, I actually respect how unassailable this bullshit is. So a headhunter, job broker, certified accountant, attorney, public notary, business analyst, xerox copier repairs-person or OTHER PERSON OF ANY NATURE will help me towards a goal of a personal or impersonal nature.

It's honestly hard to imagine a human activity that is not covered by that description.

Except remaining in quarantine, which is all that I was doing 6/21.

How do you deal with your fears and uncertainties? Candles? Journalling? Squats?

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