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Teen Killers in Love has been my struggle child. I was told the series would not continue after my 2020 debut and my heart fully broke. Though I didn't start writing it, I already had it roughly outlined (along with the third book) so it invaded my dreams. I lived the book in my head so many times that the scenes feel realer than a lot of my real life memories.

When the news came through my publisher wanted to go for it after all (because of INCREDIBLY ENGAGED AND PASSIONATE FANS!!), I was beyond elated. However there was a huge delay in getting it out. There was not quite the same ramp up that there was for a debut. It felt like an upward struggle getting reads and reviews.

And yet I feel it's honestly the better book, between one and two. I love the haunted house scene. I am so proud of how creepy Janeane is and she gives me chills and makes me laugh with every line she gives me. There is a Golden State killer reference NO ONE has picked up on. I love the fast food make out session and Signal and Erik cuddle in a construction site, which to me is the most romantic background on earth.

If you've read Teen Killers in Love and liked it, please let people know.

This series lives and dies on word of mouth of fans like you!