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    The Merciless King of Moore High

    After all the adults morph into corpse-monsters , the teens of Brockton barricaded themselves in their high schools.


    One year out, hard-partying Moore is and nerdy Jefferson must either work together to slay these "dragons"...or become them.

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    Teen Killers Club

    "Equal parts heartfelt and shocking" – starred KIRKUS REVIEW


    Nominee for Best YA by International Thriller Writers.


    One of YALSA's Top Ten Picks for Reluctant Readers.


    A Junior Library Guild Gold Selection.


    Framed for the murder of her best friend, a young misfit is recruited into a secret program that trains teenage assassins - and discovers her true self.

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    Teen Killers in Love

    A Junior Library Guild Gold Selection.


    Naramauke is sending all their teen assassins to take down two new targets: Erik and Signal, fugitives going viral for being escaped Class As. . . and in love.


    But is it love for Erik, or just a re-brand ?


    Can you really trust anyone in the Teen Killers Club?

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    Teen Killers at Large


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    Erik was born with a broken heart.


    He can't feel love. He hates kissing. He gets nauseous at the idea of being a boyfriend.


    And then he meets the Girl from Hell.


    This e-novella is only available from fans who preordered Teen Killers At Large.

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    The Merciless King of Moore High Apocalypse Simulator


    Unveil the past. Decide the present. Reveal your future.


    Who would you be in a post-apocalypse?


    Take control of your high school in the midst of an apocalypse and steer them through a world with no adults and no rules. In this short, decision-driven narrative card game, YOU decide the fate of your school. Can you allocate resources, maintain your popularity, and stay a good person?


    Based on your choices, you will be aligned to one of two schools and take charge of their survival...or destruction.

    What will the choices you make reveal about YOU?


    Play now to find out.

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