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Would it be possibly to temporarily conscript McDonalds' infrastructure for distributing vaccine?

There's multiple McDonalds in every city with refrigerated trucks showing up on a daily basis. Everyone knows how to navigate the drive thru windows, you set it up like: name at speaker, ID/scan phone at pay window, shot at pick up window.

The expense of re-purposing some of the drive thrus temporarily could be reimbursed or taken out of McD's taxes--I promise furloughing McD's employees for a month will be less expensive and more efficient than constructing pop-up sites in airports like we're doing now.  

Most importantly people already know the system and process of a drive thru, and have a positive association with it, so the threshold to entry lowers dramatically. And it could be a huge positive PR move for McDonalds, they'd be heroes. Nobel Prize level.

If not maybe Taco Bell is game?

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