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I had to go in the shed today to look for something. I accidentally opened the bin in which I am keeping the shoes which I don't use. I was shocked at how many of them there were, and these are just the ones I kept when we moved: the wood sandals scuffed from dancing at a bar, the slightly-too-nice suede boots I got (secondhand) to wear to set when my episode was being filmed and I had no idea what to wear, the smart but insubstantial oxfords for the party with a beer spout in the wall, the mules I wore to the big pitch (and the dent in the side where the elevator closed on them when I nervously got out on the wrong floor and hurried to get back in again.) It's incredible how many I recognized, since I moved very fast to put the lid back on again.

I don't know if I will ever need any of these shoes again. I should try and sell them, do people still need these kinds of shoes? Or is everything done from the shoulders up, on zoom? I don't know if I can get anyone to take these shoes off my hands. And even if I could maybe I'd rather believe they're just hibernating, in the shed.

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